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Indoor Rage at Solberg Extreme Motor Show! (Photo/Video)


Indoor Rage at Solberg Extreme Motor Show! (Photo/Video)

Posted 2010-12-01

Fredric Aasbo is a two time Nordic Drifting Series Champion representing Japan Auto, FSR Motorsport Creations, Toyota, PBC Auto, KRB Trading, Comp Turbo, Turbosmart Performance Products, KW Suspensions, Griffin Thermal Products, Biltema, CRC, Panvulk, BS Bildeler, Kimmit Sport Racing, Agip, Speed Max Performance, Falken Tire, Federal Tyres, EBC Brakes, Brakes Norge, Nuke Performance, Auto-Sign, S-COM, BlackBox Media and SWR in Formula DRIFT – the World’s premier drifting series.

Pictures courtesy of Henrik Thorstensen and Østlandets Blad. Video courtesy of Øistein Sørensen (http://www.youtube.com/user/sorenso).

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