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Fredric & Team WIN Ultimate Drift in Texas!


Fredric & Team WIN Ultimate Drift in Texas!

Posted 2011-06-21

As NASCAR Camping Truck Series, IndyCar, Texas Motor Speedway, Formula Drift, Scion Racing and Motegi Racing all went together to put on the world’s first collaboration event of its sort on the weekend of June 9th-11th, Fredric Aasbo was invited along with 7 other Formula Drift licensed drivers. The team decided to bring out the Japan Auto Toyota Supra for the event, which was last campaigned for the 2010 Formula Drift Championship season and earned Fredric the 2010 Rookie of the Year title.

Ultimate Drift was all about bringing in new fans to the more traditional form of US racing, as well as taking the sport of drifting to a whole new crowd. It all came down to smoking out the house and bringing a full-on drift show to the 65 000 spectators that was there to watch.

The weekend started off with a thursday practice, and a Victory Lane press conference with Former Supercross legend and NASCAR Camping Truck Series driver Ricky Carmichael, IndyCar driver Graham Rahal, Formula DRIFT DRIVER Michael Essa and Fredric Aasbo. Mike and Fredric then took the two drivers for a spin in their two drift cars!

Ricky Carmichael was amazed by the transitions and angles that could be held in the Japan Auto Supra!

Later in the evening, Michael and Fredric was taken for a couple of hotlaps in the IZOD two-seater IndyCar driven by none other than American racing hero Mario Andretti.

– That ride was just incredible, Fredric said. – The g-forces you feel in the banks exceeds everything I’ve ever felt before and much respect goes out to these drivers that hold it pinned round after round after round in speeds exceeding 200 mph (300 km/h)!

On Friday, a four car drift tandem was held right before the start of the Winstar 400 NASCAR Camping Trucks race. Kyle Mohan, Joon Maeng, Tony Brakohiapa and Fredric all put on a strong show in front of the tens of thousands of spectators.

Tony Brakohiapa went out in a huge fireball, but fortunately the crew got the car back for Saturday’s Top 8 competition.

And as the sun started setting and the grandstands filled up just before Saturday’s much anticipated IndyCar finals, the competitors lined up for an all out battle starting off with a high speed entry down pit lane.

Fredric was to battle Jeff Abbot first, and put on two very smokey runs. Despite Abbott’s strong pace Fredric moved on the Top 4!

Tony Brakohiapa was up next, and both drivers were on fire – however not literally this time! In Tony’s chase run he tapped Fredric’s door at the entry nearly coming to a halt, whereas Fredric mirrored Tony’s every move as they transitioned through the bank of Texas Motor Speedway. The judges made it official – Fredric was through to the finals!

Kyle Mohan and his RX-7 had climbed the other side of the ladder and was ready to bring it all in the finals. With both drivers grinning of joy at the start line, they shot down the infield and through the course with the crowd packing up the huge Texas Motor Speedway grandstands. It went to a One More Time!

In his lead run, Fredric put on one of his hardest and most smokey runs of the night, as he nailed the course better and better for every run. So did Mohan, but on the last run of the finals Fredric rubbed his rear quarter on the entry and kept it pinned through the long left hander with the race fans screaming of joy.

And as the smoke settled and the two cars rolled up in the bank and was greeted by the track officials, the judges awe away the call. Fredric, Steffen and Team Japan Auto got the win!

– I have always been a fan of American racing ever since I first saw Days of Thunder as a kid, and being allowed to go all out at what is actually holy ground in US motorsports is a dream come true to me. Being able to get away with the win is even more incredible, but after all this all came down to bringing the sport of drifting out to the masses and as far as I can tell I think we did just that! I can’t thank my sponsors, my crew chief and spotter Steffen, Formula Drift and Texas Motor Speedway enough for making this all happen!

Pictures courtesy of Larry Chen / Speedhunters / Team Need for Speed.

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