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Fredric Aasbo moves up in Formula DRIFT Points


Fredric Aasbo moves up in Formula DRIFT Points

Posted 2011-05-11

Braselton, GA (May 9, 2011). Following Round 2 at Road Atlanta, Fredric Aasbo moves up to 7th in points with a top 16 finish.

Formula Drift recorded another record spectator turnout during the eighth year at the Road Atlanta racetrack in Braselton, Georgia. With 95+ MPH entry speeds, the action did not let the crowd down.

Fredric was eager to compete in his Need for Speed Scion Racing tC around Road Atlanta, as it was his first time at this venue. He quickly found his groove and qualified in a respectable 13th place.

In his battle of the top 32, Fredric found himself paired with Pat Cyr. Fredric led and entered into the first clipping point with great angle. Cyr followed in after him, but went too wide and was unable to recover. Fredric continued on to put down a great run, with plumes of smoke shadowing him throughout the course. When it was Fredric’s turn to give chase, he mimicked Cyr’s line while maintaining a good amount of angle. Fredric was awarded the win and would move on into the Sweet Sixteen.

In his top 16 battle, Fredric was matched with Daijiro Yoshihara. “I knew I had to give it all I had,” says Fredric, “as Dai won here last year and has one of the fasted cars in the field.”

Fredric gave chase at the first run, initiating into the first clipping point right behind Dai, and stayed glued to him throughout the course. When it was Fredric’s turn to lead, he came in hot down the hill and entered nearly backwards with a speed of 94 MPH. Maintaining a wide line throughout the horseshoe, Fredric blasted out of it like a madman while leaving his competitor in a thick haze of smoke. After two sets of amazing runs from both drivers, the judges awarded the advantage to Dai, and Fredric would be forced to settle with 13th place overall at Round 2.

“This marked my second event in the Team Need for Speed Scion Racing tC,” says Fredric. “I am able to throw it in backwards now and couldn’t be happier with the progress we made over the weekend!”

“Fredric and the car seem to be working well together with such a close round against Dai (the eventual winner) showing not only the potential but the current competitiveness of the team,” said Stephan Papadakis. “I can’t wait until the next event in Florida. No one has any laps on that new course and it should separate the best drivers.”


Drifting is a high-skill, high-powered motorsport with an emphasis on car control skill. Drivers compete in knockout heats on a closed course, sliding sideways at high speeds in trials judged on speed and style. With origins in Japan, it is the fastest growing form of motorsport in the world.


The 2010 Formula DRIFT Rookie of the year, Fredric Aasbo, launches a new phase of his career in 2011 as driver for the Papadakis Racing squad in a new Need for Speed Scion tC. A two-time Nordic Drifting champion (2007, 2008), 2011 marks his first full U.S. competition season in the premier Formula DRIFT championship. Aasbo ran select Formula DRIFT events in 2009 and 2010, and he made his U.S. debut at a global drifting invitational in 2008. He has built a reputation in the United States as an icon of David versus Goliath drifting battles, earning the nickname “The Champ Killer” for his ability to edge out senior drivers in competition. Aasbo has recently moved from his hometown of Ski, Norway, to the United States, where he makes his home in Redondo Beach, California.


Team owner Stephan Papadakis, a legend of sport-compact racing, began building his reputation in the 1990s with the first front-wheel-drive, tube-chassis drag car in the U.S.

The team earned multiple records and championships in this discipline, turning in elapsed times and trap speeds previously thought unattainable in front-drive drag cars. Papadakis’ successes in front-wheel drive were matched by his efforts in rear-wheel drive when he campaigned a Civic that became only the fifth car to join the NHRA’s Sport Compact 200 MPH club.

Papadakis Racing signed its newest member, the Norwegian driver Fredric Aasbo, when Tanner Foust announced his retirement from the sport after the 2010 season.

The team began drifting in 2005, and has shown impressive results in five years of Formula DRIFT competition, earning two championship titles, (2007, 2008). In the 2010 Championship, the team finished in the runner-up position, with Foust taking second-place points behind the wheel of the team’s first-generation Scion tC.

The 2011 Need for Speed Scion tC is the team’s latest competition build.


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